High Interest Cost or Monthly Out-Flow in form of EMI can be easily reduced by Switching to some other Lender.

Lease Rental Discounting (LRD) - Fast Track Money

With the New Regime of Zero Foreclosure charges in place, it becomes even more lucrative to switch, especially for Home Loans.
To facilitate the understanding of the borrower, we have a specialized Benefit Calculator which helps taking the educated decision. Home Loan Transfer Documents The documents required for the transfer are mostly similar to that of a home purchase. The age, identity, address, signature & relationship proofs together are called the KYC [Know Your Customer] documents and shall be required along with the income credentials like any other loan and some property related documents that may be in possession of the outgoing bank, which are mentioned below.


For Salaried:

Photo(2 each of all applicant and co-applicants)
PAN card copy (of all owners)
Residence address-proof of yours & relationship proof with the co-owners (Passport/ Driving license/ Landline or mobile bill etc.)
Latest 3 months' salary slips
Latest 6 months' bank statement reflecting 6 salary credits and existing EMI credits.
Last 2 years' Form 16 / IT Return
Processing Fee cheque in favour of chosen bank.

For Self-employed:

Photo(2 each of all applicant and co-applicants )
Residence address proof of applicant & relationship proof with the co-owners (Passport/ Driving license/ Landline or mobile bill etc.)
Last 3 years’ personal ITR & balance sheet
Last 3 years’ company ITR & balance sheet with P/L a/c along with auditor's report and shedules
Office address proof(trade license copies)
Last 6 months' personal savings & current a/c statements
Any other loan EMI details & repayment track of last 12 months(if applicable)
Processing fee cheque in favor of whichever bank you choose.
Balance Transfer Documents
List of documents mortgaged with current bank
Photocopies of the legal documents mortgaged with current bank
Repayment Track Record of 12 EMI/Pre-EMI paid to current bank
Foreclosure letter from current bank, reflecting pre-payment charges
Sanction Letter for existing loan
Copies of all documents submitted to the previous bank
Updated tax paid receipts