Loan Against Property (LAP)

LAP is used to Leverage an Existing Property as a Collateral and Raise Money against it for Multiple End Use such as Business, Debt Consolidation or Personal expenses.

Loan Against Property (LAP) - Fast Track Money

LAP is largely used by Business Men. One would have to declare the end use of the Funds however; the same is not restrictive provided the purpose is constructive and legit. Most lending bodies offer loans for terms of between 10 and 15 years and funding is 40-60 % of the market value of the property, depending upon type – such as Residential or Commercial. In this product, Over Draft Facility is also available.

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Why Apply for a LAP with FTS

Widest range of lenders available for your choice with customized offers.
Most experienced and empowered personnel to ensure smooth & easy processing.
Customized offers with Accurate Calculation of eligibility
Fantastic Rewards Platform as an added advantage
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For Salaried:

Photo(2 each of all applicant and co-applicants)
PAN card copy (of all owners)
Residence address-proof of yours & relationship proof with the co-owners (Passport/ Driving license/ Landline or mobile bill etc.)
Latest 3 months' salary slips
Latest 6 months' bank statement reflecting 6 salary credits and existing EMI credits.
Last 2 years' Form 16 / IT Return
Existing loan EMI sanction letters & repayment track / Emi reflected bank statement of last 12 months(if applicable)
Initial Processing Fee cheque in favour of chosen bank.

For Self-employed:

Photo(2 each of all applicant and co-applicants )
Residence address proof of applicant & relationship proof with the co-owners (Passport/ Driving license/ Landline or mobile bill etc.)
Last 3 years’ personal ITR & balance sheet
Last 3 years’ company ITR & balance sheet with P/L a/c along with auditor's report and shedules
Office address proof(trade license copies)
Last 6 months' personal savings & current a/c statements
Any other loan EMI details & repayment track of last 12 months(if applicable)
Processing fee cheque in favor of whichever bank you choose.

Property Documents Required

Title Deed [Photocopy of originals] / Chain of title deeds if its resale property
Khata / Property card
Occupancy certificate.
Approved Plan of Building
Share certificate copy ( If applicable)
EC [Nil Encumbrance certificate] ( If applicable )

Client Satisfaction

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