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A Home loan is the Ticket to Owning your Dream Home, although, choosing the Right one is Most Critical.

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Fast Track Money provides you the power to choose the Best Option from the Market. We Endeavour to empower you to Buy your Dream Home in a simple and hassle Free way, Compare and apply Home loans online at Homeandloan.co.in and get rewarded.

Buying dream home is an important milestone in every ones life and requires a lot of financial planning , It is important to choose a good Bank/ Housing finance company which can handhold the customer right through the process. Generally, One Goes for the Cheapest Interest Loan available, but since it is a 15-20 years commitment, other factors like quality of service, in-depth domain knowledge and the company’s level of commitment and transparency; Disbursement Process, etc. must be Considered.

Why Apply for a Home Loan to us

Widest range of home loan products and lenders available for your choice.
Most experienced and empowered personnel to ensure smooth & easy processing.
Customized offers with Accurate Calculation of eligibility
Fantastic Rewards Platform as an added advantage
Transparency: Aimed at helping you make the right choice, we provide objective and transparent information about your loan options.
Privacy: Your application is sent only to the lender you choose, and is never shared with anyone else.


For Salaried:

Photo(2 each of all applicant and co-applicants)
PAN card copy (of all owners)
Residence address-proof of yours & relationship proof with the co-owners (Passport/ Driving license/ Landline or mobile bill etc.)
Latest 3 months' salary slips
Latest 6 months' bank statement reflecting 6 salary credits and existing EMI credits.
Last 2 years' Form 16 / IT Return
Existing loan EMI sanction letters & repayment track / Emi reflected bank statement of last 12 months(if applicable) Initial Processing Fee cheque in favour of chosen bank.

For Self-employed:

Photo(2 each of all applicant and co-applicants )
Residence address proof of applicant & relationship proof with the co-owners (Passport/ Driving license/ Landline or mobile bill etc.)
Last 3 years’ personal ITR & balance sheet
Last 3 years’ company ITR & balance sheet with P/L a/c along with auditor's report and shedules
Office address proof(trade license copies)
Last 6 months' personal savings & current a/c statements
Any other loan EMI details & repayment track of last 12 months(if applicable)
Processing fee cheque in favor of whichever bank you choose.

Property Documents Required

Title Deed [Photocopy of originals] / Chain of title deeds if its resale property
Khata / Property card
Occupancy certificate.
Approved Plan of Building
Share certificate copy ( If applicable)
EC [Nil Encumbrance certificate] ( If applicable )

Client Satisfaction

Our customers can gain several benefits after consulting LKD for various finance services. Some of the many advantages are clients can avail are as follows:
On Spot attention to the requirement
Dispersal of financial assistance (24 hours)
Dispersal of machinery assistance (24 hours)
Assistant for General and life insurance and Investments

Things to consider when choosing a Home Loan

Fixed and Floating Interest rates

Fixed interest rate- Loans with Interest Rates fixed for the entire Tenure Floating interest rate is pegged with the Base Rate or Prime Lending Rate (PLR) of the lending institution. Macro Economic Factors can change the Rate The choice between fixed or a floating interest rate could be made depending upon market trends, though it could considerably impact the overall expenditure towards repaying the loan, as Floating rates are generally lower than Fixed.

Loan To Value (LTV)

This is an important feature while choosing your lender; it is defined as Loan to value. The Market Value of your Property is determined by Valuation agencies of the chosen Lender. This is an independent assessment irrespective of the value as per the Customer. The latest guidelines give a maximum of 75% of the property registration value for a residential ready to move in property. Although, some lenders do extend upto 85 % as well. The remaining 15-25 % of the amount has to be paid by the Customer before the Money from the Bank is Released,and is termed OCR- Own Contribution Receipt.

Loan Overdraft- Smart Home

Under these special home loan schemes, a borrower may choose to park his savings in an account created in parallel with the home loan account. The savings in the second account is considered as principle of the home When needed, the borrower can withdraw money from the said account as well, and enjoy the benefit of liquidity. These schemes are made available in India via banks such as Citibank, Standard Chartered, HSBC and SBI.
Most lenders offer pre-approval of a loan upon consideration of repayment eligibility alone. This does not require any property related documents, as one may start searching for his dream home after getting a sanction done of the maximum possible amount, subject to eligibility. Notable here is that not all lenders sponsor all available real estate property. Hence it is important to have a list of approved properties from the lender who has sanctioned the loan before venturing into property-hunt, as the processing fee and efforts shall be wasted if the lender is unable to disburse the sanctioned loan for the selected property. Homeandloan.co.in provides you a Ready Comparison to help choose the Right Lender. Please refer to our extensive comparison here or www.homeandloan.co.in/contact us for help coming to the right conclusion about selecting the right lending institution for you.